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"A vibrant and fun explosion of upbeat sounds to delight your heart."

Auckland steel band Steel’n Beats is a working testimony to the power of community - their vibrant and addictive sound sees them at the heart of a range of projects using music to inspire and educate, in chorus with a worldwide scene.

A tight-knit ensemble with an ambitious repertoire, Steel’n Beats take their blend of classic calypso and modern pop tunes to clubs, festivals, and private events around New Zealand using instruments hand-built by the legendary pan-maker and musician Lennox Jordan, from Trinidad & Tobago - the original birthplace of the steelpan.

The steel pan is made from a recycled 55-gallon oil drum, fine-tuned to produce intricate harmonies and textures. But the instrument truly comes to thunderous life when it is played in unison - as part of a steelband ensemble, one of the world’s most boisterous, glorious noises. We are suitable for all occasions, and guaranteed to wow your guests! 

Get in touch to learn more about their musical expertise, repertoire, and performance rates.

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