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Auckland-based Steel'n Beats are more than just a steel band - they're a musical movement.  Utilising the unique sound of traditional hand-built steelpan instruments made by Trinidad & Tobago’s Lennox Jordan, this tight-knit ensemble merges classic Calypso, Latin and African rhythms with modern pop to create a sound that transcends genres and reverberates through your soul.


Whether at clubs, festivals, or private events around New Zealand, Steel’n Beats' music inspires, educates, and delights audiences of all ages.


The recycled 55-gallon oil drums used for their instruments are fine-tuned to produce intricate melodies and textures. And when played together as a steelband ensemble, they emit some of the world's most boisterous and glorious sounds.

From weddings to festivals to corporate events, Steel'n Beats are perfect for any occasion.

Get in touch to learn more about their musical expertise, vast repertoire, and affordable performance rates.


"An explosion of sound that hits you right in the feels."

"The steelband was such a huge hit! Everyone absolutely loved it." 

- Summer Busch, Public Library Ltd

Preview Screening of The Little Mermaid 

"Gosh, you guys were the absolute best, it really was such a dream to have you play at our special birthday. Everyone loved you guys!!  Your style of music helped create such a relaxed vibe throughout the day.  We thank you so much for being a part of this for us and our friends."

- Rebecca Alexander, Event Manager

Foothills Festival

"Thank you very much for all your vibes and greatness over the two days.

Steel'n Beats was my highlight of the series.  You guys really brought the vibes!"

Rochelle Leaf,  Event Production Manager

2022 Taini Jamison Trophy Series, NZ vs Jamaica

"I don’t know how to express my gratitude to each and every one of you for the effort you put in to make this event the huge success that it was."

- Donovan Westman, Event Manager

The Kumeu Show

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